7 Under-100-calorie Snacks at Your Hands

When the afternoon comes, the sarelle jar starts to look more attractive to you, I know. However, the rapid rise in blood sugar caused by junk food will put you in a difficult situation. Moreover, it will increase the desire to eat even more. For this reason, it would be wiser to choose snack alternatives with a low glycemic index, relatively less sugar load and beneficial for health, in terms of both health and maintaining your form.

        According to experts, snacks are not usually consumed with the feeling of hunger. In fact, there are experts who say that the desire to snack increases much more when we perform certain activities, as well as when we are distressed. Actually, snacking isn't such a bad thing. It can even help you slim down by reducing the amount of calories you take in main meals. But for this, what you prefer as a snack is important. You can suppress your hunger with low-calorie snacks and reduce your need for food at the next meal. I have listed 7 foods that you can eat instead of snacks under 100 calories as advice:

1. Boiled Egg

Experts say that a boiled egg is 78 calories, and the amount of protein you can get from one boiled egg is 6 grams. In addition, consuming foods with high protein value, such as eggs, makes the person feel full and keeps them away from excessive food consumption throughout the day.

2. Orange

An orange is worth about 60 calories. Moreover, orange is a fruit rich in vitamins and fiber. The sugar content is relatively low.

3. Nonfat Yogurt

1 serving of nonfat yogurt is both easy to prepare and a type of food that can temporarily suppress your craving for snacks. By choosing fat-free yogurt, you will not exceed the 100 calorie limit. Moreover, the amount of protein and quality carbohydrates in yogurt does not upset blood sugar balances.

4.Filter Coffee

In order to increase your energy amount at noon, a cup of filter coffee will meet your snack needs. The fact that your coffee contains skim milk allows you to close the snack section with very low calorie amounts. If possible, choose filter coffee without sugar and sweetening syrup. Filter coffee with milk is a good source of calcium and protein

5. A Handful of Almonds

I guess you have heard that nuts are generally valuable protein source foods. In addition, nuts contain unsaturated healthy fats. This makes them a low-calorie and smart snack choice. If you prefer almonds instead of foods containing carbohydrates, you will prevent the increase of cholesterol levels, get rid of fat in the waist area and protect your heart health. 1 handful of almonds is enough to help you eat less at your next meal.

6. Carrot

Carrots are a very low calorie food. Even eating a few as a snack won't spoil your diet. In addition, carrots are a very useful food due to their fiber and vitamin A content.

7. A Slice of Dry Bread

1 slice of dry bread is equivalent to about 80 calories. By consuming it during breakfast, you make breakfast more satisfying and thus suppress the cravings for snacking later. I do not hesitate to apply natural butter on it, but if you are on a diet, it would be better to get an opinion from your dietitian.

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