Attention ! Obesity Is Spreading

We all know that some diseases are contagious. If a relative of ours has the flu, we especially pay attention to social distance so that he does not infect us. Well, let me tell you that obesity is contagious, too. What would your reaction be? I'm sure you would be surprised. Yes, maybe obesity is contagious socially, if not by touch.

According to research, the weight of the people in our close environment also affects our weight. If a friend is obese, the probability of being obese increases by 57 percent, if a brother is obese, by 40 percent, and by an obese spouse by 37 percent. In very close friendships, the risk is tripled. Because the eating and exercise habits of people who spend a long time together become similar over time. You can drink more water next to someone who drinks a lot, or you can start to lead a more active life next to someone who prefers to walk instead of constantly driving. The same is true for the opposite. Along with a friend who constantly consumes junk food, you can get used to a more unhealthy diet.

Our ancestors said, “Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. But now “I am told that your friend/wife/brother etc. Tell me your weight and I'll tell you how many kilos it is. Some decisions are easier to make and implement together than to do it alone.

Encourage your environment to always be at ideal weight and healthy. If you are complaining about your excess weight, identify those closest to you who are in the same situation as you and start this work with them. Remember, unity is strength.

Good luck now.

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