Online Diet
Online Diet

Distance does not prevent you from losing weight. If you live outside the city or abroad, if you cannot come to our clinic due to your work schedule, if you want to save time, online diet is for you.

You are in direct contact with me in the online diet. I'm sending you a questionnaire for you to fill out at first. On this form, you write your lifestyle, the times you eat, the foods you like or dislike, the medications you use, everything you want to specify. Then I create a special nutrition program for you. I am forwarding your lists to you as an audio recording so that you can listen to them over and over again. It is enough to get any fixed scale that you will use for yourself. Results with the same scale always show the same difference.

In the online diet system, just like in the face-to-face diet, your lists change every week according to your weight for that week. You will be weighed every week, report the result and get a new list. You can reach me on Whatsapp at any hour during the day and write all your questions. Likewise, you can call our appointment number and talk to me.

If you have foreign friends who live abroad and want to diet online with you, English lists are also prepared for them. Our Turkish and foreign clients from many countries of the world who are currently losing weight with us are happily carrying out this process.


If you live abroad and want to lose weight, online diet is best for you. In the online diet, a questionnaire is prepared for you to fill out at first. You can write your meal times, illnesses and goals on this form. Afterwards, a suitable nutrition program is determined for you. A new diet is prepared every week according to your weight for that week. diet lists are explained to you in detail with audio recording. You can reach me directly on Whatsapp at any time of the day.

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