Practical Steps for Healthy Eating

✔️ Drink a glass of boiled and rested water when you wake up in the morning.

✔️ Drink plenty of water during the day and add lemon to your water.

✔️ Have your dinner early.

✔️ Eat slowly, chew a lot.

✔️ Do not consume drinks with meals, and have approximately one hour intervals between the drink and the meal.

✔️ Consume yogurt, kefir or pickles during the day.

✔️ Swallow 1 clove of lightly crushed garlic every night.

✔️ Use natural honey, olive oil and butter.

✔️ Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables in season.

✔️ Eat fruits early in the day.

✔️ Consume vegetables as much as possible without cooking or squeezing their juice.

✔️ Be sure to eat salad with meat.

✔️ Snack on raw nuts, drink green tea or herbal tea during the day.

✔️ Include legumes and various seeds in your diet.

:( Reduce all gluten-containing foods such as flour, bread, rice, pasta and pastries.

:( Reduce sugar and sugary foods.

:( Use vegetable milk instead of cow's milk.

:( Stay away from artificial foods.

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