Can't you try many diet programs and fail?

Are you leaving the diet programs that you always start halfway?

In situations such as stress, sadness, anxiety, excessive joy, is your mind always on food?

Even if you lose weight, can't you keep it?

The solution to these problems is to make a diet suitable for your psychology: PSYCHODIET!

When planning a list, it is not enough to just look at your weight, height and blood tests. It is also necessary to consider the factors that push you to eat, your eating pattern, and your emotions that initiate the act of eating.

The body, psychology and social conditions interact in humans. While gaining or losing weight affects our psychology, our psychology also affects our weight gain or loss. Therefore, diet and psychology are always intertwined.

The 'Psycodyte' program is gaining importance in eliminating all these deficiencies. In this program, it is specific to each individual; Eating cravings, escapades, eating pattern changes, eating crises, trigger control methods, body image changing, problem solving skills and long-term weight maintenance methods are used to achieve the most successful results both during and after the diet. Because the important thing is to protect and treat physical and mental health as a whole.

Stages of the Psychodiet Program

1- Situation Evaluation

With the evaluation interview, the person's experiences with weight, past attempts to lose weight; A clear picture is created by identifying factors such as unsuccessful attempts and hindering factors. This determines the nature and severity of the problem. By revealing the areas that affect his life, the first steps of motivation for change are taken and goal setting becomes easier.

2- Building a Strong Motivation

You've been given a list, told you can practice and lose weight, but it doesn't fit your lifestyle and doesn't meet your emotional needs. You cannot continue for more than a few weeks. Every diet that is left means more self-confidence and motivation in the person. In fact, there is only one word that makes dieting successful and that is 'motivation'. Motivation is a phenomenon that is very difficult to establish in the diet and is broken very quickly. We all have different motivations and priorities in gaining or losing weight. Why do I want to lose weight in the first place? What motivates me best? What is the emotion that breaks my motivation the most and pushes me to eat? Find them and create a personal order.

3- Eating Behavior Change with Subconscious Suggestions

Individuals often do not know what initiates eating actions. They can only say that in one situation they found themselves eating. But often there are other dimensions before this behavior. For example, a stimulus first initiates the behavior. This stimulus can be an external stimulus such as food, a nice smell of eating, conversations about food; Emotions such as emptiness, guilt, anger, loneliness can be internal stimuli.

4- Diet Planning

The eating program is determined according to the age, height, gender, fat percentage and blood tests of the person. A completely personalized diet is planned with the patient. What time and where you are, what food you can consume is decided together. Snack and main meal menus are planned according to the person's social environment, psychological needs, and the foods they like or dislike.

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